How do fund recovery companies work?

A fund recovery company works by verifying the data to identify the identity of the individual whose funds are stolen. Once their identification is confirmed, they start to receive the victims’ rightful assets in exchange for a certain percentage of what the person lost. Funds that are not returned to their rightful owner at all, are turned over to a debt collector agency.

If the personal identification is confirmed, the recovery company sends an electronic legal claim in order to be recognized as a new investor. After taking a deduction from the money lost, they are expected to make the maximum possible recovery amount. This process may take a long time, especially if the money is laundered, but the money is always recovered.

How can I find a fund recovery company?

If you have to find a fund recovery company for online scams, you should consider contacting multiple private investigator agencies in your area, including state police forces and federal law enforcement agencies. Here are some tips to help you find the best company for your needs:

Speak with multiple private investigator agencies in your area.

Refer to consumer review websites such as Angie’s List,, and Yelp.

Search for any arrests made on agencies’ websites.

Create a Google map of your area to find the nearest firm.

Email the company. Ask if it is insured for fund recovery cases.

Some private investigator firms specialize in recovering funds for individuals, while others focus on corporate investigations and resolving legal cases.

Tips for choosing a fund recovery company

There are many ways to choose a fund recovery company that suits your needs. Some of the most common strategies include:

Check if the company is established and shows up in their name with established a website

Look at the company’s past performance and take note of their refund rates

Have a look at their customer satisfaction ratings

By far the most effective method of choosing a good service provider is to do a bit of research on the reputation of these services and do a little searching of reviews online. After all, you would not want to put your hard earned money at risk just because you didn’t know better.

Following these tips will greatly help to make sure you choose the right agency for your fund recovery needs.

What is a fund recovery type?

They’re typically called Fund Recovery Companies or PSCs. They’re equipped to take on a wide variety of fraudulent entities in order to pursue the recovery of stolen funds. These victims include Ponzi schemers, personal investment swindlers, investment advisers, coin and commodity mints, and many others. For these services, PSCs charge a small percentage of the returned money, and are able to take on fraudulent entities with very little-to-no difficulty.

These companies have more power and possibilities than simply hiring a law firm to handle the case in question. Instead, they only prosecute all relevant parties to the case in the hopes of getting your money back for you.

How to Recover Your Stolen Funds

To start your recovery process, determine which type of fraud you’re dealing with.

Bank Recovery

When it comes to recovering your stolen money, banks are usually the first resources you turn to. Banks are regulated by the federal government, and they will fight for your rights and protect your cash by applying funds restoration methods. The process starts by reaching out to the bank and obtaining account information and proof of the account’s activity from the company they worked with. At this point, you’ll begin the process of filing a lawsuit, claiming your funds and trying to get them back.

Alternative Recovery Options

Another alternative option for recovering your stolen funds is litigation. This option entails filing a lawsuit, requesting the court to hold the thief responsible for his/her actions.

Check your bank account balance

It may be easy to lose track of your bank account if you are not careful enough to check your balance every single day. However, there are a number of great tools available that can help you get an accurate overview of your account balance and alerts you when you have spent too much money. A great money management app is MoneySafe 2.0.

Look for suspicious transactions

The best thing you can do to prevent online scams and identity theft is to scrutinize your statements. If you see strange transactions and you notice that your card activity patterns have suddenly changed, it may be a sign of a fraudulent activity that could be happening in your account. You can always contact your bank and have your transaction re-evaluated for a better idea of what’s happening.

Contact the bank and request the person’s name and transaction number

Bank fraud is usually committed by fraudsters who are able to steal customers’ data or hijack the bank account. After that, the fraudsters send payments or transfers to accounts with specific bank IDs.

When contacting the bank, request that the authorized party knows the name of the person in the first account and the person’s number. The bank may be able to provide the information via a mobile application or a web banking site, or they may have detailed reports on the stolen account.

Obtain a copy of the transaction or login name

Obtain a copy of the transaction or login name on the individual’s bank account. This can also be included in a police report.

Report the incident to the police and provide them with the transaction number

“In many cases, cyber scammers have changed online payment websites and a victim is unlikely to know this unless they’ve contacted their financial institution, or tracked the funds and/or the address of the site from which the scammer took the funds,” says Roberto Bucchi, Managing Director of FERRIS.

“To have the police investigate, they need access to the transaction details. The best way is to report the crime through the local police, then follow the police report procedure as well as the subsequent payment instructions,” says Bucchi.

Exchange your stolen funds for your own money

If you’ve been a victim of fraud or theft, you can simply go online and exchange the funds for your own money.

Online Recovery

There are several online recovery platforms that can bring back your money and restore your faith in the world. However, it’s important to select a company that has all the legal framework and connections to bring back your funds in full, from start to finish. A number of such companies are available today to help you out if you have been the victim of any form of online fraud.

Crimeware Recovery

Crimeware recovery is an exact procedure that involves hackers that target different kinds of online accounts and hack into them and retrieve sensitive data from it to sell to other entities for money. There are different types of malware that hackers deploy, with different effects and purposes.

Report the theft to the website where the funds were lost

Start with reporting the loss to the website where the funds were lost. Though a different method for reporting the loss is available to all types of websites, if you use PayPal, they recommend the PayPal Fraud Reporting Center, which includes an online form to report the theft. This will make the process much simpler for you, because you will be able to take care of the process directly, online.

Contact the authorities immediately and report the theft to the police

The police are expected to help users in finding stolen funds and bringing the criminals to justice. Though this is not always the case, when the authorities catch the culprits, they can levy severe punishments on them including prison time.