The Concept of Fund Recovery

The concept of fund recovery goes hand in hand with scam recovery. Since online criminals have been running scams in order to take your money, fund recovery specialists find a way to get your money back and stop these scams before they occur. Fund recovery is also called a “reverse” recovery or a recovery process, since your funds are first taken by the scammers before it is taken by the financial recovery company. The main purpose of fund recovery is to receive the fund stolen from you and deliver it to the company you hired to recover it for you.

Section 2: The Types of Online Scams and Fraudulent Companies

One of the major types of scams and fraudulent companies you’ll find is identity theft.

The Services Fund Recovery Companies Provide

There are four main types of services provided by the fund recovery companies:

Data Retrieval : An operation to recover data stored in any form, whether it be on a computer or memory stick. This can include emails, photos, videos, documents, etc.

: An operation to recover data stored in any form, whether it be on a computer or memory stick. This can include emails, photos, videos, documents, etc. Email Takedown : In this type of service, fraudsters will typically request that their victims send them copies of all emails sent. The email companies will then send those emails to the fund recovery companies, who will go through the contents of the email and locate the original email. The fraudsters then send the emails to the rightful victims.

How Do I Get Started?

Contact your local bank immediately to identify if they’ve made any suspicious withdrawals on your account. Make sure to get this information from your bank and also contact your credit union to identify if any of your funds have been removed as well.

If the money was removed from your account, it is highly likely that it was either a scammers attempt to take the funds, or the money was taken out of your account by someone from your area. Never hand over any personal or financial information to someone you don’t know!

Once you’ve done your best to recover your money, contact a fund recovery company for more information about how to make the recovery process quicker and more effective. Fund recovery companies will work with you and your bank to help get the money back for you.

What Does it Cost?

On top of recovering the stolen funds, there are further requirements. The recovery agency will need to investigate the crime by taking evidence from the targeted client. There is also the need to compile all the evidence and present it to the court. The court will then make a decision on the matter and the recovery company can get back the stolen funds once the court’s decision is handed down.

How is the Recovery Process Done?

To be successful, recovery agencies needs the cooperation and help of their clients. However, some will have serious mistrust on the security and professionalism of the experts handling the process. To convince them of the truth, the recovery companies engage in appropriate marketing and communication activities.

When Is It Worth the Effort to Pursue a Fund Recovery Case?

The United States (U.S.) has some of the most effective fund recovery agencies in the world. Every state has its own fund recovery statute, so the task can be daunting.

Generally speaking, you can seek recovery for:

Federal agency debits and payables

Federal tax refunds

Fraudulent attempts to claim an individual’s Social Security number

Fraudulent billings for food, wages, medical services, and utilities

Additionally, the program can allow for partial or full recovery of outstanding taxes, income tax refunds, government benefits, and more.

While most recoveries only take a few days to complete, a larger complex case might take longer to resolve.


Fund recovery isn’t all that difficult and as long as you’re ready to bear the cost, you’ll be able to get your money back. According to BBB’s fund recovery tips, here are some of the steps you can take to better protect yourself from being the victim of a fraudulent scheme and to reclaim the money that was stolen from you.